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Elysium Lab Sagl is a Fintech/Blockchain company based in Lugano, Switzerland, founded in 2021.

We partner with the “Ticino Blockchain Technology Association” and collaborate with Swiss companies and universities. Elysium comprises a team of 8+ qualified people in different fields, covering the various skills needed for project development, along with advisors, mentors, and external researchers. Over the past year, Elysium has been committed to growing and qualifying on the ground, finding excellent results. We have been funded by InnoSuisse (Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency), surveyed by Blockchain Nation Switzerland, and included in a venture program by the private bank PKB. We are currently in the top 20 startups in Italian-speaking Switzerland.


Elysium’s vision is a world where everyone can use crypto assets without even realizing it, just like the Internet today. We envision a future where financial freedom and data privacy are the norm, not the exception. Our platform and technology are becoming more necessary daily while centralized infrastructures are collapsing. Built on blockchain technology and designed to empower people to take control of their financial lives.

Connecting peers and businesses to blockchain assets, digital identities, and decentralized finance. But we’re not just building a platform – we’re building a movement. By joining us, you can be part of a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing technology and economic systems that are agnostic, secure, democratic, decentralized, accessible, open source, trustless, and without a single point of failure.


Our application will be a Digital Crypto Wallet that will allow every user profile, even inexperienced ones, to finally dispose of their cryptocurrencies, crypto assets and their digital identity without intermediaries and use them in the real world. With a quick and intuitive onboarding, the user will be able to store, manage and restore login credentials and private keys in a decentralized manner, ensuring privacy, security, and simplicity.


Elysium Decentralized KMS Wallet multyChain

Our application will be a Digital Wallet with Decentralized Key Management technology as an onboarding method that will allow users, even those without experience, to finally be able to have their cryptocurrencies without using a centralized platform, maintaining simplicity and security with a quick and intuitive login. Our security technology will protect privacy, ownership of data, ensuring that each user owns their keys and crypto assets. These will be decentralized and linked to their account and digital identity so that they can recover in case of disaster. With Elysium login, users will no longer have to worry about where to save keys outside the application.


Business to Business & Business to Consumer


Import private keys or create a decentralized wallet


Your key means Your money, but without worrying about risks


Management and restoration of decentralized wallets


Multiple wallets, multiple blockchains, under a single identity


See and manage your NFT, Crypto and Defi protocol from all your private key


Wallet Connect browser extension

Decentralized restore

Those who centralize own the data; those who decentralize offload responsibility to the user. We will provide a decentralized place where you can own your keys linked to your account, we give you the technology, you own it


Your assets can be linked to your identity, link your decentralized DNS or your data to manage your assets under one entity. Add and follow friends in your address book


Connect and import multiple wallets of multiple blockchains to view and manage crypto assets and decentralized protocols. Keep all your keys safe in a dedicated tool.

Business To business

Our wallet can be used individually through our dedicated wallet application, or through third-party companies that will use our services for their customers with a dedicated institutional section

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Lugano, Switzerland

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