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Elysium’s vision is a world where everyone can use crypto assets without even realizing it with our wallet, just like the Internet today, and where most assets, market capital, and payments are on DLT. Our crypto wallet and technology are becoming more necessary daily, centralized infrastructures are collapsing and losing trust, and users are paying the price. 

Our vision is a future where everyone has their own Elysium wallet to manage and own their funds, and companies have diversified portfolios in crypto and digital assets. We aim to lead the way in innovative self-custody wallets and become a respected blockchain service provider in finance, fintech, and cybersecurity.


Elysium’s Digital Wallet will allow financial institutions and every user profile, even inexperienced ones, to finally dispose of their cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and their digital identity without intermediaries and use them in the real world.

With a quick and intuitive onboarding, the user will be able to store, manage and restore login credentials and private keys in a decentralized manner, ensuring privacy, security, and simplicity.


Elysium Decentralized KMS Wallet multyChain

Elysium is a cutting-edge digital asset wallet that combines Multiparty Computation (MPC) with Account Abstraction (AA) to provide users and institutions with the highest level of security. With a web2 interface, Elysium simplifies the user experience, enabling users to interact with smart contracts without revealing their private keys, reducing the risk of theft or loss of assets. Elysium also eliminates the need for third-party custodians with its decentralized key management system. Elysium aims to integrate only blockchains used daily and with services aimed at the general public to facilitate the use of the technology. Combining Blockchain permissions will also be evaluated to allow citizens of web3-friendly cities to use their funds in the town. Overall, Elysium offers a comprehensive and accessible solution for managing and protecting crypto assets, providing users with the highest security and ease of use in entering the web3 economy.


Simple, secure and personalized Onboarding system


Import or Create a new Self Account


See and manage your NFT, Crypto and Defi protocol without any knowledge


Your key means Your money, but without worrying about risks


Business to Business & Business to Consumer


Multiple wallets, multiple blockchains, under a single identity


Wallet Connect browser extension

Decentralized restore

Those who centralize own the data; those who decentralize offload responsibility to the user. We will provide a decentralized place where you can own your keys linked to your account, we give you the technology, you own it


Your assets can be linked to your identity, link your decentralized DNS or your data to manage your assets under one entity. Add and follow friends in your address book


Connect and import multiple wallets of multiple blockchains to view and manage crypto assets and decentralized protocols. Keep all your keys safe in a dedicated tool.

Business To business

Our wallet can be used individually through our dedicated wallet application, or through third-party companies that will use our services for their customers with a dedicated institutional section

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